John McCain: “New World Order Under Enormous Strain”

John McCain says the New World Order is under enormous strain

John McCain told European leaders that he fears the New World Order elite in America and Europe are fighting a losing battle.

Speaking at the Brussels Forum, the former Republican presidential candidate told attendees that the “new world order is under enormous strain” and in “the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism … we can’t stand by and lament, we’ve got to be involved. reports:

“I trust the EU,” he said, defending an opposite view from that of US president Donald Trump, who said in January that the UK “was so smart in getting out” of the EU and that Nato was “obsolete”.

He said that the EU was “one of the most important alliances” for the US and that the EU and Nato were “the best two sums in history”, which have maintained peace for the last 70 years.

“We need to rely on Nato and have a Nato that adjusts to new challenges,” he said.

He noted that “the EU has too many bureaucrats, not much bureaucracy,” but added that “it’s not the only place on earth with that problem.”

He said that he was “still wondering what the overall effect of Brexit will be” and that he did not know “if this is the beginning of a serious problem for the EU”.

McCain also said that he supported Trump’s demand that European countries increase their defence spending for Nato.

‘Who drives the tweets?’

But he added that Americans should “also appreciate the fact that over 1,000 young [European] people have given their lives in Afghanistan or Iraq”.

“I don’t know what price tag you put on that. That’s quite a contribution I would say, if you ask their mothers,” he said.

The influential senator, who admitted that he has not met Trump since the election, said it was “too early” to pass a judgment on his presidency.

He said he was “very pleased” by Trump’s picks for his national security team, but suggested that they were being bypassed by more ideological and less competent people.

“The question is: who does the president listen to, who drives the tweets at 6 in morning?”, he said.

Asked whether he thought that “Russia owns a significant part of the White House,” he said : “I don’t worry about that.”

What worries him, he said, was “the Russian role in our elections”, even if he admitted that he has seen “no evidence they succeeded” in affecting the outcome of last year US vote.

‘KGB thugs’

Noting that Russia was now trying to influence elections in France and in Germany, he said that if it succeeded it would be “a death warrant for democracy”.

“It’s an act of destruction that is certainly more lethal than dropping some bombs,” he insisted.

McCain, a Russia hawk, said that Putin wanted to restore the Russian empire: “He wants the Baltics, he has taken Crimea, he’s been in Ukraine.”

“These are KBG thugs, my friends,” he said, referring to former Russian spy service for which Putin used to work. He added that the US needed to “respond accordingly”.

He said however that he there was “nothing wrong” if Trump met Putin.

“I’m not against meeting,” he said, reminding the Brussels forum that US presidents met Soviet leaders during the Cold War. But he added that “the best way to go to a meeting is with a strong hand” and that that was not the case for the US right now.

  • rick lonzy

    Insane McCain makes reference to KGB Thugs? Why isn’t this broken down half baked fake politician calling out the DC Pedophiles instead? Things that make you go hmmm?

  • thatsjustwrong

    Once again the imbecile jibbers his nonsense.. is this guy completely drug fucked?…. he jibbers on like somebody who is totally drug fucked.. is he even aware how ridiculous he sounds when he opens his mouth…its just one nonsensical statement after another…
    >>>> He said that the EU was “one of the most important alliances” for the US and that the EU and Nato were “the best two sums in history”, which have maintained peace for the last 70 years.<<<<<<<.
    cmon fuckwit.. read back what you said…you cant be that fucking stupid…. that is totally ridiculous..and WRONG

  • lore11


    1) John McCain should be investigated along with James Comey and Barack Obama for their involvement with the false flag “Trump Russian Dossier” and its promulgation in the news. This action disrupted our presidential elections. This is an illegal activity, if not treason.
    2) John McCain’s involvement with “regime changes” in foreign countries should be investigated and his ties with George Soros and the rogue CIA should be ended by his arrest and public trial.
    3) John McCain’s secret meetings with CIA supported rebels in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and other countries should be investigated to find out how much money, weapons, and supplies have been given in aid to overthrow political leaders of foreign nations.

  • IAmDeplorableBilly

    McStain is as loony as Piglosi, Waters, and Schumer!

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    They are all fck’n low life criminals working for the Globalist Cabal, be glad to see the day they get rounded up for treason.

    They thought that they had complete control over the CMMM and could
    prevent any of the secret IAEA and Sandia Labs investigation from ever
    being released to the American public.…/the-hidden-history-of-the-i…/

  • MUFC

    They blame Russia for what they have done themselves. It is the U.S. who have been gallivanting round the globe since WW2 and bombing everywhere they wish. John McCain, you are a poster boy for the Power Elite and you have become unhinged. You are a jiberesh compulsive liar. The world will be so pleased to see the very back of you. Warmonger !!!

  • rcwarbirdbuilder

    All of the New World Order terrorists Bush’s, Clintons, Cheney, McCain, Reid, Comey, Soros, Obama etc. should be herded into prison or be hanging from lamp posts.