Keanu Reeves: Bitcoin Will Destroy The ‘New World Order’

Keanu Reeves claims Bitcoin is a threat to the New World Order

Matrix star Keanu Reeves says that he believes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have the power to completely destroy the ‘New World Order.’ 

The 53-year-old actor was asked his thoughts on the future of digital currencies such as Bitcoin in a recent interview, to which he responded:

“Bitcoin isn’t a short term trend, and that worries the elites”

“People are sick and tired of being controlled by the New World Order, seeing the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

“Bitcoin is giving the power back to the people and it will probably end up destroying the New World Order.”

The anti-establishment Hollywood star says he believes that “Bitcoin is the road to freedom” and claims it will “free citizens from the economic shackles of the New World Order .”

Unlike regular currencies, cryptocurrencies are a decentralized currency meaning they work without the need of a central bank. The recent sharp rise in the value of Bitcoin has begun worrying major financial institutions who now see the digital currency as a major threat to their existence.

Internet security guru John McAfee promised that if the value of Bitcoin doesn’t reach $1 million dollars by the year 2020, then he will “eat his own dick on live TV.”

According to Keanu Reeves, the Bitcoin craze is set to spark a worldwide revolution that will see the end of tyranny by our New World Order overlords:

“For the first time in history, the people have a real chance at taking power back from the governments.

“When society chooses crypto over the fiat, the government, the central banking system, the economic slavery that they thrive on, all of that will be over.

“Governments borrow money from the banks to fund wars then tax the citizens to pay back the banks.

“We can finally end that cycle and give power back to the people, once and for all.

“It will topple the banks, and with it, the global elite.

“Governments will be forced to work for the people for a change.

“We’re on the brink of a revolution.”

  • Andy C

    by giving them exactly what they want, digital currency.

    • Seth586

      Except they have no back doors to manipulate the monetary supply to their benefit, and will not be able to track our transactions.

      • SugarFreezed

        How can you be so sure of that? Who is controlling bitcoin and ethereum??

        As soon as you think “money” you think “matrix”, NWO. Life is not a commercial game. However, the NWO want you to stay in that game, whatever your money will look like. And if it is digital, it is much easier to control when you ever control the “matrix” aka the “web”…

        You want to escape the matrix? Shut everything down: computer, mobile phone, TV, radio… Disconnect all this… and live.

  • Steve S

    Bitcoin is a fiat currency. What makes it better than the current fiat currency? As long as you pay taxes to a govt, in any currency, you are working for the govt. If you want to stop the NWO then stop fighting in their wars. When you stop obeying govt and live by community standards then you have taking back your freedom. No govt is the best govt. You have been brainwashed into thinking you need a govt and lied to that the govt is on your side.

    • Luke Parker

      Fiat doesn’t mean what you think it means. A government has to decree fiat into existence. Bitcoin is a grassroots movement that can’t be controlled by a central power.

      • Eric Newhuis

        Bitcoin is controlled by developers and miners. Miners seek to maximize profit and this has led to centralization of power. So I think some aspects of Bitcoin are worse than fiat. At least with most governments they’re balancing human needs, at least in representative governments. If you want to use cryptocurrencies then you should look for the ones that have zero fees like IOTA.

        • Roberto

          IOTA is not decentralized, it is a hyped piece of shit not a real crypto

    • Sean Moore

      Bitcoin is most certainly not fiat – fiat is money issued by decree – bitcoin requires proof of work to issue new tokens. The difference so pronounced I can’t imagine how one can confuse this.

    • SugarFreezed

      Oh yes!!
      Happy to read it.

  • HWR
    • Roberto

      man you’ve no idea how it works and def not an IT person, have you ever read at least some of the source code and whitepaper too? run a node, miner…?

      • HWR

        I know enough to know we’re up against people who have had the dollar printing press since 1913 and have killed millions since then and they kill anyone who gets it their way.

        (((Bitcoin))) won’t save us.

  • fuckinghilarious

    LOL….Hilarious.. hes not a bad actor…but he has things “ass about face”…… the power elites….as to whom he is referring to..aka new world order…… are about to destroy Bitcoin…. Bitcoin is the biggest scam ever….. only a fucking idiot would be involved in bitcoin..just look how many billions have been scammed form these Bitcoin idiots accounts this week alone….lol… Fucking HILARIOUS…dickheads dickheads dickheads…. lol

  • javier

    jeez i thought that dude was smart

  • Daniel S

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  • Eric Newhuis

    Bitcoin’s transaction fees are way too high. Nobody will use Bitcoin to pay for a coffee when it costs $20-$100 to send a $2 payment. Reeves is really talking about cryptocurrency. There are some that have better promise, like IOTA. IOTA has no fee. Zero. Boom! If you are given the choice between Bitcoin and IOTA you’re going to use IOTA at the checkout counter.

    • Roberto

      have you heard of litecoin?

      • Eric Newhuis

        Yes since its inception. If people start piling into Litecoin it will have the same problem. Why not use a crypto that will NEVER have a fee like IOTA? Bitcoin and many blockchain variants all have a similar problem. As the number of transactions exceeds the technology’s limitations the fees skyrocket because the miners wish to maximize profit while some transactions remain pending for a long time. Blockchain has fundamental performance problems. It looks like IOTA solves these so it will be interesting to see what wins out in the long run. Personally, if there is a reliable no-fee option I don’t know why anyone would use something else.

  • Frank Koster Bitcoin is decentralized and IS a option , those fear mongers here

    need to calculate same math to know #bitcoin can not be controled.
    So stop fearing put part of your savings in bitcoin!
    Unless you are addicted to the fear 🙂 , then you dont want to hear this and will desperate search for the next excuse not to do anything!

  • jabba

    I did not have you down as this smart Keanu, well done! Nice to know it’s just just the geek and nerds fighting this war against concentrations of centralised corruption. The separation of money and state is essential and benefits everyone… except the top 0.0001% ofc.

  • UgochukwuEmmanuelAgbams

    BitCoin will serve better in destroying the New World Orde if it goes with per centage fee on transaction than fixed price. I wanted to make a transaction that cost me $30 USD, but the charge for that transaction was $13 USD, because of that, I aborted the transaction with BitCoin and look for alternative way of payment.

    Fixed transaction charges irrespective of the transaction amount is not healthy. In that case, bitcoin serves well for big guys who transacts huge amount of money.

    The fixed price I noticed then was also applicable even if you are transacting bellow the fixed charge amount. In that case, even if one wishes to transact jut $1 USD, he stand to pay $13 USD as transaction fee. Too bad. But I still want BitCoin and co to destroy the New World Order. Take the power away from the political leaders.

  • Karl N

    Link to this interview?

  • rafter75

    Amen brother

  • Swapster_com

    A number of government functions can easily be replace with autonomous blockchain tech… with the most obvious being currency. Government has proven that is can not be trusted to issue currency as it uses it for war, surveillance, harming the financial well being of people.

    The tipping point is coming… and it might be sooner than any of us realize.

  • FakaLakaDingDong

    Keeanu knows what he’s talking about. I concur. You’ve got a lot of morons in the comments here buzzing on about IOTA.. what a complete joke. Bitcoin is digital gold and is not going anywhere.

    • SugarFreezed

      Just ridiculous. Everything which is digital is easy to control by NWO organizations. You just have to know the code. Just as simple as that. “They” want you to become 100% digital because that’s so easy to control. And, with a little microchip in your body (that “they” will offer you as a so cool technology that replace keys, credit cards… oh yes man so cool!!!) they will first make you think you are part of the “web” (for not calling it matrix) and connected (cool, isn’t it?) and then… “they” will start to enslave you more and more: you refuse? “they” will destroy your digital identity… Good luck, guy! Now you’ll have nothing because eveything will be possessed by a erased digital person:::: YOU ! So, learn how to live without all this BS and you will free yourself. Good luck!

      • FakaLakaDingDong

        This Bitcoin revolution is about enhancing sovereignty, not diminishing it. My sovereignty radar is on full alert through this entire transition.


    Please link the interview or it didn’t happen.

  • Guillaume Drolet

    just, fuck money in any shape or form

    • SugarFreezed


  • SugarFreezed

    Bitcoin Will INSTALL The ‘New World Order’

  • Tony Cisneros


  • Andreas Htid