Sun Is Extremely Quiet, Scientists Worry We Are Entering Ice Age

The sun is currently experiencing its weakest solar cycle in over a century according to scientists. 

“The sun is flatlining. For the 6th day in a row, solar activity remains very low. No sunspots are flaring, and the sun’s X-ray output has flatlined” says

Scientists say that if the solar flatlining continues it may be an indication we are about to enter into a mini ice-age. reports:

“The main driver of all weather and climate, the entity which occupies 99.86% of all of the mass in our solar system, the great ball of fire in the sky – has gone quiet again during what is likely to be the weakest sunspot cycle in more than a century,” echoes “Not since cycle 14 peaked in February 1906 has there been a solar cycle with fewer sunspots. We are currently more than six years into Solar Cycle 24 and today the sun is virtually spotless despite the fact that we are still in what is considered to be its solar maximum phase.”


The flatlining of solar X-ray output in recent days – Courtesy NOAA/Space Weather Prediction Center

“There have been two notable historical periods with decades-long episodes of low solar activity,” continues “The first period is known as the “Maunder Minimum”, named after the solar astronomer Edward Maunder, and it lasted from around 1645 to 1715. The second one is referred to as the “Dalton Minimum”, named for the English meteorologist John Dalton, and it lasted from about 1790 to 1830.

“Both of these historical periods coincided with below-normal global temperatures in an era now referred to by many as the “Little Ice Age”.

“If this trend continues for the next couple of cycles, then there would likely be more talk of another “grand minimum” for the sun.”

  • Bubba Weaver

    Oh my now we have this to worry about!! IDIOTS!

  • Steven B
  • Biologyteacher100

    Notice that the earth is rapidly warming despite the quiet sun. Just about all scientists are concerned about global warming while zero peer reviewed articles talk about cooling. The last record cold year was 1912. 9 of the 10 warmest years have been since 2000, including the record warm year of 2014

    • Jason

      You are misinformed. There is no consensus, and even if there were, science is not conducted via consensus. The so called record warmest year was by .004 degree which is well within the error bars of the devices used to measure the temperature. So in other words it is too small to even measure. When you look at the facts, the consensus is a lie, and designed to prey on human psychology.

      • Wave Rider

        Jason, Id like to add that The 98% lie comes from a 2009 American Geophysical Union (AGU) survey consisting of an intentionally brief two-minute, two question online survey sent to 10,257 earth scientists by two researchers at the University of Illinois.

        The widely used survey was sent to only 10,000 scientists, 3,000 came back and only 77 peer-reviewed climate scientists participated!
        Only with Common Core math can you make 75 scientists equal 98% of the entire scientific community!

        • Biologyteacher100

          The 97% also comes from a survey over 10,000 scientific publications–so all of these were peer reviewed climate scientists. I am a scientist who publishes research. Hard to find a scientist, especially with a research position and a Ph.D. who does understand climate science.

      • Biologyteacher100

        Friends of Science is a science disinformation club in Canada that is really good at distorting scientific evidence and facts.

        • Jason

          Got any proof of that?

    • Jason

      Forget the fact that there is a lag between the suns activity and how Earth responds. It is not an immediate impact. Don’t be so naive.

    • Debbie Mills Nenninger

      Sir I don’t know where you live but 2014 was not warm.. just the opposite… wet and cool.. hardly got to use the pool last year. I’m from Missouri

      • Biologyteacher100

        I understand that parts of the US, especially in the Midwest and East were cool in 2014. Record temperatures were set for California, Alaska, Siberia and Australia and elsewhere on the globe. You may have heard or read that 2014 was the warmest year globally in the climate record that goes back to 1882. If you look at a global map of temperature anomalies for the year, you can see that Eastern US, northeastern Canada and Iceland were cooler than average, but the earth as a whole was exceptionally hot. This year is on track to set a new record. El Nino conditions bring warmer weather for the earth as a whole and more rain in the southern US.

        • Joel

          Exactly. Those people basing their denial on looking out their kitchen window need to look up Global in the dictionary.

        • George Caylor

          So when the Coast Guard sent the Polar Star ice cutter to rescue the Antarctic Global Warming Mission Team from freezing to death, was that also man-made global warming? Or are “non-scientists” just too stupid to understand that Cold=Hot? And the answer is always “man-made global warming,” regardless the question?

          • Biologyteacher100

            You probably know that the Antarctic has warmed and the land ice is melting into the ocean at an accelerating rate. This is diluting the salt water, making ice form at a higher temperature. Not really that complicated.

          • George Caylor

            Yes, that’s what I’ve heard from other warmers. I was visiting with a climate scientist from Puerto Rico. His team has been drilling and studying the coral beds. The verdict? Cool, warm, cool, warm, cool warm. Constant changes, long before man’s so-called “carbon footprint.” BTW, IF the warmer science is true, there would be a consensus without political-correctness.

        • w.j. Goossen

          Yes, but in those area’s there are very weather stations. The temperatures are being derives from “nearby” stations. Or the temperatur in my home country (netherlands) is determined by a weather station in Spain, more than 2.000 kilometers further south. So how much real heat there is up north is not know, it is a guess from somebody that has a lot invested in his career as global warming adhert.

      • Jamazio

        And there about 7 billion of your fellow human beings who “hardly got to use the pool last year”, although not all for the same reason.

    • mcm

      Are you a person or just a recording loop of all the continuous rhetoric of the warming alarmists that has been repeatedly disproved by nature itself? — I think you must be a recording loop, otherwise you would know that effects of sun activity here on earth has a significant lag time of several months to years for the full effect. — And the rest of your comment is quite misinformed – obviously taken from junk data post-manipulated to the events measured.

    • Robert00001

      I think that there is enough information out there to conclude that we just Don t have enough information to draw conclusions .

    • Wave Rider

      Thats why global warming is now a religious movement, riddles with lies and fraud BTW!
      See that big ball of fire, thats called the Sun!

  • Mongocutwood

    Global Cooling all over again.

  • General Warloct

    yeah the idea is not to fret about it and feel the weather for what it is. We’re all scientists in that we conduct our research thoroughly. Don’t trust a degree, it’s a title, it’s like trusting a cop’s badge before you trust their action.

  • General Warloct

    And 2015 in Louisiana is deadly hot. there was one day last week with a heat index of 124 degrees in some parts of southern Louisiana. The fact is, the Sun knows what it’s doing, in that fire behaves as a living entity. This sounds crackpot to most scientists I’m sure, but it’s all true. Fire = consciousness, and use your fine minds to take it from there.

  • T_Rat

    Sun spot activity has no significant correlation with light radiation outward. In the link below, a changed from 1368 to 1366 watts/m2 was attributed to the solar variability while sun spots caused the irradiance to go from 1366 to 1364 watts/m2. This is a miniscule amount. Thus, though the climate deniers like to use sun spot activity as an explanation for their beliefs, the science show there is no correlation between the facts of sunspot activity and global warming (or cooling as this report is about).

  • Biologyteacher100

    The scientists who published the original research did not even mention climate change in their article and they know little about climate. The idea that an “ice age” might be coming was made up by journalists. Climate scientists have already published on this, noting that the decrease in solar insolation is much weaker than the increase in warming due to green house gases. Anyone who follows the climate science understands that there is no chance that the relatively slow (over hundreds of thousands of years) changes in the sun can reduce the warming caused by greenhouse gases. This post simply takes a small piece of research out of context to draw misleading conclusions.

  • Bill Turner

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  • Bill Turner

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  • Warren Lester

    Make up your minds. Either we are going into an ice age or we have global warming. You can’t have both.