Thousands Protest In Paris Against Ongoing State Of Emergency In France

Thousands protest in Paris over the weekend over France's ongoing 'state of emergency'

Thousands took to the streets of Paris over the weekend to protest the French government’s ongoing “state of emergency” – accusing the government of allowing France to become a police state. 

Protestors on Saturday expressed concern that emergency measures introduced by President Francois Hollande following the November 13 Paris Attacks, have stripped away the rights of citizens and turned France into a tyrannical police state with no due process. reports:.

Backed by the new powers, authorities have carried out about 3,400 raids on mosques, homes, and businesses with more than 300 people placed under house arrest.

The French government extended the state of emergency in February, saying the threat of “terrorist violence remained very high”.

Al Jazeera spoke to a number of those attending the rally on Saturday who said the government was unfairly targeting Muslims and using the pretext of preventing new attacks to crackdown on dissent generally.

Leading a line of activists at the front of the protest, the Left Party’s Eric Coquerel condemned the state of emergency for having “no effect on terrorism” and posing a threat to civil liberties.

“The state of emergency cannot become permanent because it effectively means citizens giving up their rights,” Coquerel told Al Jazeera, adding that government plans to strip nationality from dual-national terrorism suspects created a tiered citizenship system.

Government policies following the attacks have drawn strong condemnation from Muslim groups, who accuse it of treating the entire community as responsible for the actions of a few.

Activist Yasser Louati from the Collective Against Islamophobia told Al Jazeera the government was pushing forward with “counterproductive” strategies despite no proof that they worked.

“There have been only four enquiries [since November] directly linking people with terrorism, meaning this is a permanent state of emergency and a permanent coup,” he said.

Sophie, a French civil servant of North African descent, said she feared the state of emergency could make conditions harder for Muslims.

“I’m here today in solidarity with the people who have been treated unfairly as a result of the state of emergency,” she said.

“Although I was born in France, I don’t feel like I’m seen like everybody else… I think things could get worse for Muslims, but I’m hoping it won’t be the case.”

Present at the rally were pro-Palestinian campaigners, many worried about the government’s crackdown on anti-Israel activities, such as the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement, which seeks grassroots divestment from Israel over its activities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Since October last year, more than a dozen BDS activists have faced trial or have been convicted for promoting “discrimination, hatred, or violence” on the basis of ethnicity.

BDS campaigner Mohamed Paz told Al Jazeera the situation had intensified since the state of emergency came into force.

“There has been a government clamp down on BDS with the intention of criminalising our movement… [Prime Minister] Manuel Valls is equating anti-Zionist criticism to anti-Semitism,” Paz said.

“He puts [BDS] within the context of the fight against radicalisation and terrorism, while we have nothing to do with either.”

Joining in the chants of “liberty” and “the state of emergency is a coup” were a group of undocumented migrant workers, who said they had been targeted by police under the expanded “stop and search” powers brought in under the emergency laws.

One man named Koet Lassana from West Africa told Al Jazeera he was frequently stopped under the new measures, and faced detention and deportation because he did not have the correct papers to stay in the country.

“We are sick of the situation… The police are everywhere, they harass us and stop and search us all the time asking for papers,” Lassana said.

The French government also faces opposition to the extension of the state of emergency from within the judicial system.

Among those marching with the activists and members of the public were magistrates associated with the second largest judicial trade union in the country, the “Union of Magistrates”.

Al Jazeera spoke to the union’s General Secretary Laurence Blisson who said the state of emergency was a threat to democracy and the rule of law.

“The [measures] go against the separation of powers and grant the minister of interior the power to put people under house arrest, to raid houses outside the framework of criminal investigation,” Blisson said.

“There are means within the current legislation to deal with the issue of terrorism. We should not have fallen into the state of emergency.”

  • Linda

    “One man named Koet Lassana from West Africa told Al Jazeera he was frequently stopped under the new measures, and faced detention and deportation because he did not have the correct papers to stay in the country.” So if he did not have the correct papers then it is right that he was stopped and should face detention and deportation ….

    • Tommy McMahon

      Yes! He should be stopped and face deportation and detention. He’s there illegally.

      • Lifthrasir

        The war against Iraq, Afghanistan and many more invasions by the USA, 72 after WW II, were illegal, thus americans there illegal. And you are right they never should have been there. But when living in a world totally empoverished are all these borders even legal?

        • Haloge

          No. The wars were sanctioned by the UN. Personally i believe the UN has gone all to pot, and i would suggest that all western democracies stop supporting it financially, as it appears to have become an islamic playground which no longer acts in their interests.

          • MichaelDalyArtist

            The UN is held to radsome by the USA. Besides, the UN may be in violation of International Law along with USA, UK, Australia and other parties. A UN resolution does make International Law nor supersede the law.

            >> Was Kuwait looped-off Iraq by force for the interest of UK, the West and British Petroleum?
            >> Or did the greed of local people in this known oil region of the day secede from Iraq?
            >> Does Kuwait stand up to any scrutiny of a ligitimate and moral nation state?

          • Haloge

            The Kuwaitis may believe so. Sounds like you have an anti-imperialism agenda, aggravated by a bad case of white guilt. May we infer that you have come to the wrong conclusion after watching an Adam Curtis documentary? f you care to check you will find that the Muslim powers have oppressed and enslaved people for longer than any western upstart. For further details, see both the Mogols, and the Ottoman Empire.

          • Malice In Wonderland

            Bollocks!! The was in Iraq WAS NOT sanctioned by the United Nations!! Kofi Annan stated categorically “”I have indicated it was not in conformity with the UN charter. From our
            point of view and from the charter point of view it was illegal.”
            Not only was the war in Iraq ILLEGAL… it was based on deliberate lies about non existed weapons of mass destruction.
            Look mate… you’re entitled to your monumentally ignorant opinions, however you are NOT entitled to try and pass off such ignorance as fact!


          • Haloge

            No need to become abusive MIW.

            Yes, you are perfectly correct, in that Kofi Annan did state that in his opinion the war was illegal.

            However, legal opinion remains somewhat divided as to whether the UN Security Council Resolution 1441 provided sufficient legal basis for military action against Iraq?

            Peter Goldsmith, QC, PC, Attorney General of England and Wales, wrote in a Mar. 7, 2003 memo to then Prime Minister Tony Blair:
            “The language of resolution 1441 leaves the position unclear and the statements made on adoption of the resolution suggest that there were differences of view within the UN Security Council as to the legal effect of the resolution. Arguments can be made on both sides.”

            Meanwhile, John B. Bellinger, III, Senior Associate Counsel to the President and Legal Adviser to the National Security Council at the time of the quote, wrote in an Apr. 10, 2003 letter to members of the Council on Foreign Relations/American Society of International Law Roundtable:

            “The United States has clear authority under international law to use force against Iraq under present circumstances…

            The legal authority to use force to address Iraq’s material breaches is clear. Nothing in UNSCR 1441 requires a further resolution, or other form of Security Council approval, to authorize the use of force. A ‘material breach’ of the cease-fire conditions is the predicate for use of force against Iraq. And there can be no doubt that Iraq is in ‘material breach’ of its obligations, as the Council reaffirmed in UNSCR 1441.”

            My intention was not to say whether i agreed or disagreed with the said war, only that while some lawyers and UN officials may claim – possibly for ulterior motives – that it was illegal, other lawyers and official claim the opposite, no doubt also for ulterior motives.

            Of course, if you wish to carry on arguing the case in order to maintain an air of righteousness, then that is entirely your prerogative. I would however suggest that events have moved on, although i appreciate that some people have a compulsion to pick over the bones.

          • Malice In Wonderland

            The situation has hardly “moved on”. In fact, that illegal war was instrumental in not only exacerbating sectarian conflict in Iraq, it has lead to greater instability in the region which has only become more intense and problematic since. Or haven’t you noticed? Of course, it could be argued that this instability was precisely what the USA intended when it orchestrated that war based on outright lies about WMD.

            Furthermore, do I need to point out that your initial comment stated… and I quote: The wars were sanctioned by the UN.!? Clearly they weren’t. Which was my point. Guess you missed that too!

          • Haloge

            Now you are just beginning to sound like a brainwashed Guardian reader, in which case you are always right and nothing that anyone says will change your mind as you crow from the privilege of your moral hummock.

            In case you haven’t noticed the legality, or illegality, of the Iraq War is open to question, as is your opinion. My opinion is that it was legal. Yours is contrariwise. Oh dear, someone call for a lawyer.

            I would also remind you that the ME has always been pretty unstable, and to suggest that all its problems are entirely caused by the imperialist western powers is at the very least condescending and possibly downright racist.

          • Malice In Wonderland

            Clearly you suffer from cognitive dissonance, an obvious lack in the ability to think critically and a rather poor grasp of English comprehension. The combination of which makes meaningful discourse about as constructive as trying to explain quantum physics to a four year old. So I’ll leave you to your wilful ignorance. 🙂

          • Haloge

            Clearly the feeling is mutual.

          • sali musica
          • RobertDeLuce

            CIA apologist plant

          • Haloge


          • RobertDeLuce

            When someone says move on, they are a Tory or American, wanting us to forget, but how can we, they are doing this in Syria today.

          • Jerry Hirsch

            Who cares about what the U.N. did. The fact remains that George Bush and his administration lied about the reason’s to invade Iraq. A war crime.

            Here’s the evidence.

            The former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell confirms that Bush and Cheney both lied about Sadaam’s alleged nuclear weapons.


            And Colin Powell lied as well according to this article.


            Scott Mcclellan, former Bush presidential spokesman

            “History appears poised to confirm what most Americans today have decided – that the decision to invade Iraq was a serious strategic blunder. No one, including me, can know with absolute certainty how the war will be viewed decades from now when we can more fully understand its impact. What I do know is that war should be waged when necessary, and the Iraq War was not. Waging an unnecessary war is a grave mistake. But in reflecting on all that happened during the Bush administration, I’ve come to believe that an even more fundamental mistake was made – a decision to turn away from candor and honesty when those qualities were most needed.”

            From George Tenet, Bush’s CIA director.

            A speech by Cheney in August 2002 “went well beyond what our analysis could support,” Tenet writes. The speech charged, among other things, that Hussein had restarted his nuclear program and would “acquire nuclear weapons fairly soon . . . perhaps within a year.” Caught off-guard by the remarks, which had not been cleared by the CIA, Tenet says he considered confronting the vice president on the subject but did not.

            “Would that have changed his future approach?” he asks. “I doubt it but I should not have let silence imply an agreement.” Policymakers, he writes, “have a right to their own opinions, but not their own set of facts.”


            Excellent timeline of events


            Paul O’Neil, Bush’s Treasury Secretary who participated in national security council meetings gives this account of a proceeding that included a document discussing a post Sadaam Iraq.


            From Valerie Plame, undercover CIA agent who was outed by Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, in retaliation because her husband Joe Wilson had investigated Saddam’s alleged purchase of yellowcake nuclear material from Niger and in an editorial questioned the authenticity of facts
            supporting those claims soon after the Iraq war started.


          • RobertDeLuce

            Correct, the misinformers are in today, thick as they are, with the intention of knocking down the UN. There is a scared urgency by the Nazis in the West just now.

          • Anne R

            That’s the second war in Iraq which indeed was illegal! George W and Blair should be tried as war criminals!! But the first war in 1991 was in response to Iraq invading Kuwait

        • ajareins

          Can you really ‘unfairly target muslims?’ They dont like it, then let them return to the shithole places they came from

          • Gigglby Porquist

            How many are in America, living as American citizens, ajareins? Citizens, who are Muslim. Your statement is beyond ridiculous.

          • fpgx

            Which shithole ? The “shithole” the dummy US president destroyed ? The “shithole” France invaded, occupied for more than a century, and left after 8 years of terrorising the population ? Or the “shitholes” dictatorship the West has been backing up for 50 years because they provide oil ?

    • Gertrude van Voorden

      Your logic is far to seek as we say in dutch. No policeman can yet scan one’s belongings and know before whether a person has the correct papers. It would not have mattered. For decades black foreign people in the Netherlands with the correct papers were also stopped by the police many times. Whilst that never happened, happens to me as a white woman of now 65, but around 25-40 when in Rotterdam.

      • Linda

        ??? In France you are obliged to carry ID, passport etc which you have to produce to even stay at hotels, so clearly any policeman can stop you and ask for your ID. If you are unable to provide it or your papers are not in order to stay in the country it is there in black and white …. when does scanning people belongings come into this conversation?

        • fpgx

          The fact that police choose to stop and check people because of the color of their skin is called, in French law, discrimination, and is illegal.

          • Peter Dunne

            well maybe its because those colours are the ones murdering everyone???? in a state of war there is no such thing as discrimination,,,,

    • Gigglby Porquist

      Thank you Linda. I was going to post exactly what you said. Thank you. My gosh people, we are a world of laws and boundaries. I do not get how people know what the laws are and think they can blindly go forward. Until we are a one country world, live with it people.

      • Peter Dunne

        you cannot unfairly target a muslim,,,,they are all taught the book of death,,,round them up and ship them back to where they belong,,the 4th century,,,,,giggly I don’t get your logic,,,,,,you must be a lefty as they are all appeasers and threaten even their own existence,,,,,,,

        • Gigglby Porquist

          Peter Dunne…I am going to be very, simple-minded for just a moment to respond to your your very simple-minded reply to my post. Very simply, Peter…FUKK OFF.

          • Peter Dunne

            sorry gigglby,,,but you were happy to welcome them with open arms,,,,,,you do yourself an injustice by saying “simple minded for a moment” I thought it was common practice,,,,,,but then I will go back and study your posts,,to see iff I have misjudged your comments,,,,,i am man enough to admit when I’m wrong….

          • Gigglby Porquist

            …waiting for admittance of misjudgement…patiently.

      • awake

        i too stopped at that quote and posted it to fb. grew up on a border. papers. western civ is doomed. i just saw a vid of france crackdown by jack boots on white women in business suits, crushed by blackhooded borg’s in the streets. total anarchy.

    • center

      Youre right, but any attempt at enforcing a righteous law is considered racist which is a campaign started by blacks and Islamic Saudi and repeated by the moron Libtard crew appologists helping the black on white racism spread and bloom. Al jazerra are lapping it up because it reinforces their hate of the west.

  • ubiquitous

    Why did you put photo from different event, protest march in name of Charlie Hebdo shootings last year at place de republique

    • ddduke

      Agreed. The only recent Paris protests of any size have been over Uber vs taxis. This entire article is sensationalist disinformation at best.

      • Haloge

        Just the usual Al Jazeera bias.

        • ddduke

          More to the point is the questionable journalistic integrity of

          • Haloge

            Oh, i suspect most journalistic sources of bias. You are obvious more selective, probably for ideological or cultural purposes.

          • ddduke

            True, I am ideologically aligned with objective reality.

          • Haloge

            Mmmm. I still remain somewhat dubious about those who claim to be aligned with objective reality, as strangely enough objective reality always seems to reinforce their projections, so i suspect a strong dose of egotistical subjectivity in there somewhere.

            Rational materialism may be a useful tool, but it’s not the only one, particularly when attempting to comprehend “Reality”, objective, subjective, or otherwise, since the nature of reality appears to vary according to the conditioning of the observer, and is often counterintuitive, much to the chagrin of those who are desperate to have it otherwise.

            I wish you lots of luck ddduke regarding the illusion of reality as, if you seriously care to check, you may find that the elusive maidens of phenomenon don’t always conform to your limited and linear bidding.

          • Sam Jonsson

            Just keep it simple no need for smartass bull(sorry). So to the core:7 billion people,7 billion ways to perceive “reality”.

          • Haloge

            It is quite simple Sam. There is no objective reality somewhere out there. Reality is subjective, although there may be shared opinions regarding its nature, primarily due to conditioning.

            If a world, or Universe, existed outside of the mind that perceives it then it would not be perceived at all.

          • awake

            no silly, the MIND is ONE. there is only ONE mind.

          • Haloge

            There is Universal Consciousness. If you want to call that Original Mind then i won’t argue.

          • awake

            hey, it’s never ok to slaughter children et al. no moral relativism metaphysical psychobabble ever gives it a pass. good try though.

          • Haloge

            Thank you.

            Sometimes you have to stand on your head to see things the right way up. Ontological rap or not.

      • Malice In Wonderland

        It was on the 13th March… and even Reuters covered it.

    • michael-C

      I too agree. The article is highly misleading because it uses a photograph of a different crowd of people, protesting against terrorist attacks in France. The number of people in the protest in the photograph is much larger than the number of people in the protest described in the article.

  • Unity!

    We are a non political movement.. of the most political kind… our message is simple at this point… unity! and by that we mean dialogue between factions.. the realization that scatter gun action and uncoordinated efforts do not work… the government are not uncoordinated and nor can we afford to be! so we reach out and we implore all marginalized peoples everywhere to bring there cause to our ear and we will bring our feet our hearts our minds and our voices to there aid… for in Unity! We Find Strength!

    • Tommy McMahon

      Spoken like a true communist^^^^

      • Liofthrasir

        People better check out the truth about the bolsjewik communist revolution and the millions of victims. Karl Marx and others Illuminati and/or secret US agents. Before writing Das Kapital he lived in the USA.

        • Haloge

          You may have missed out the Bilderbergers and their Lizard Overlords Liofthrasir. For your information Karl Marx lived in Germany, France, Belgium and the UK, but never in the USA. I believe you may have mistaken him for Groucho. You’re welcome.

          • Peter Dunne

            that made me laugh halogen,,,,,,,,well said indeed…

  • Ben Johnson

    I am sure President Francois Hollande leaped with joy and cried with happiness when the attacks occurred.Before they occurred his popularity was so low he was on the verge of resigning and they were a massive boost to his popularity.

  • draghci

    Paris attack was a false flage

  • Beth Knappenberger

    Paris, welcome to life after a major terrorist attack! It is 15 years after 911 and we (the USA) are still trying to figure out how to protect our country without infringing on our citizens rights. It’s a very difficult spot to be in – between the rock and the hard spot.

    • Gigglby Porquist

      If we had politicians who really wanted to come up with comprehensive protection, they would. They don’t, not because they can’t but because they all see opportunities to piggyback the issues for professional gain instead of the betterment of the country. Our politicians have lost the spirit of integrity and grindstone work, that which made America the shining star of success and freedom. They replaced it with pure ideology and it has become hate. We have presidential candidates in debates and we all search for the adult in the room while they argue about the size of their manhood. They incite violence, call one candidate a con man and then vow he would support the con man because a con artist is better than anything Democrat. What buffoonery. This is what our country has became and I don’t see it getting better because if a Democrat is elected it will be a man what they call a communist. Or it will be a woman. When one side labels the POTUS a communist you may as well look how they treated the black POTUS because it will more of the same. If it’s a woman, you may as well look at how they treated a black POTUS. If it’s Cruz, good luck, he doesn’t have but one or two recently found friends that came out of the woodwork. And if it’s Trump…God help our nation…please.

    • Gabriel

      And you never figure out, is impossible to kill your own citizens without infringing their rights…but I got good news for you,jewish world order can do this!

  • Haloge

    Interestingly enough, the only country not plagued by Islamic terrorism is Japan. Probably because they rarely allow muslims to settle there. Sounds like they have the right idea.

  • alfredkarius

    And I thought it was typical American stupidity and worship of violence and weapons that led to a hysterical, paranoid overreaction resulting in policestate brutality and in behavior that was worse than the terrorists and resulting in a flood of terrorist volunteers. When America started its ‘War on Terror’, it was only a motley band hiding in the Afghani Himalayas. Well the French government is behaving exactly as stupidly. Are they going to setup their own Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib? Well at least the French population is behaving way more intelligently and protesting en masse.

  • Stan Squires

    I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that the people in France are doing the right thing in protesting against the state of emergency been extended.Also people in France are not allowed to participate in BDS activities against Israel.People in France and everywhere else got the right to participate in the BDS Campaign against Israel.Im sure that the people in France won’t allow the French gov’t to stop them from participating in BDS activities.The BDS Campaign against Israel is doing good work and it needs to continue until Israeli apartheid is overthrown.

  • Ed Mainer

    If Muslims are so peaceful, then why don’t they demand their fellow extremist stop these types of actions in the lands which offer them true freedom, when many Muslims are raised in communities where straying from the faith means a death sentence. Instead Muslim make heroes out of their martyrs, offer payment for sacrifice and call all who refuse to support goals infidels even if they are supposedly of the same faith. It is Muslims who refuse to integrate into modern day society and comply with modern day laws, so they have it within their own hands to stop all this, and then they choose to call racism when they are allowed their way. The truth is they use half truths which mainstream media parrots, you cannot be racist against a Muslim ever because Islam is a religion of their own choosing from multiple nationalities!! Because of this truth I just stated to me it is right that they are targeted until they show a true willingness to assimilate!

  • Ms Myriad

    OK, so now not only do you have to worry about terrorists, because increased police activity has yet to lead to a decrease in terrorist activity, but you also have to worry about your own oppressive police state. Not an improvement.

    So take this article and replace Muslim with Catholic and Arab with Irish. You do remember the IRA, don’t you? They used to carry out terrorist actions regularly. How would you have responded to the government sureveilling and stripping citizenship from Irish immigrants? How would you have responded to them raiding and shutting down Catholic chapels? How about if they had banned all new Celtic immigrants seeking to flee IRA violence if they were Catholics?

    Now imagine that the IRA pulled of a bombing in your area, and the government used it as an excuse to completely suspend your voting privileges, due process of law, search and seizure laws, reasonable cause, etc. Imagine soldiers in the streets supposedly protecting your from terrorists but mostly just arresting citizens without proof or for unrelated charges.

    How would all of that sit with you?

  • pobinr

    Raids on mosques. Fair enough isn’t it. They need to ban Islam. Liberalism is to Islam is what damp is to mould

    • Infadel Macgee

      Funny how a muslim shrinks away from bacon like a vampire does from garlic .

  • Gabriel

    State of emergency is a false flag,part of zionist plan of NWO. Real terrorists is world wide jewry.

  • Diagnostik

    Al Jezzira reported……..

  • MichaelDalyArtist

    The global war mongers and rulers have to have their ‘man’ HILLARY CLINTON in the White House by Jan. 2017. The election is Nov. They can try to normalize martial law in so-called western democracies, teething or testing us in the French quarter.

    What they don’t get is that this is 2016 not 1930.

    Their are two popular and rising anti-establishment contenders who are spoiling the path that was promised in 2008 for the return of the Clintons to the Oval Office. One is DONALD TRUMP (R), the other is BERNIE SANDERS (D) – but both are in fact independent – and un-controllable for the globalists families.

    Looks like global elite are attempting to cultivate reasons -false flags, open invitations and gateways for manifesting terrorists- for the purpose of bringing martial law in France and elsewhere. I am concerned about the CHARLIE HEBDO attack last year and the other shattering attacks concentrated in France since. I don’t trust the French government nor their so-called intelligence services.

    I don’t know why France in particular might be being staged so intensely as the role model nation for such operations – the target for martial law is ultimately the USA.

    In 2000 the USA Supreme Court installed G.W. BUSH, a cowboy, to be the Admin. for the planned 9-11 spectacular and the bring forward of global War On Terror, the Patriot Act and national liberty contractions. By using electoral fraud in Florida, flipping digital votes elsewhere, diverting black and poor voters the election was rigged for Bush, yet AL GORE, an environmentalist, still won – that was not supposed to happen!

    The world’s peoples have suffered from USA puppet Presidents since the assignation of JFK and the killers have been, or at least are now, global war and regime players that stage a host of actions and laws in most countries including France, Canada, Australia… you name it.

    IF you think the response to the unplanned Gore victory by the elite families (the likes of MURDOCH and ROTHCHILD) is worrying, AND if you think 9-11 and WOT was an excessive and cruel way to bring forward a vicious fighting world hungry for oil in an otherwise global direction toward education, peace and sustainability, THEN be prepared for what’s coming if the USA electorate rejects Clinton, Ryan or another tool they put forward as the Administrator or Emergency Administrator.

  • Artifex 28

    Please avoid & stop using biased photographs that are not related to the news/articles. That picture you have on the top of the screen has nothing to do with the current protests. Instead it’s from Charlie Hebro -protests.

  • Daniel Howell

    Wake me up when the purge begins

  • jackmur2012

    Tyranny….. Next step Totalitarianism………….

  • Esmae

    This image is from Jan 2015 after the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

  • disqus_dGZxBjnnY3


  • Luci

    Stop blowing things up and this wouldn’t happen


    Why are people surprised by this??? ..for any ruling power to have total control over its population, it must first create chaos among its people and then it has the excuse to bring in heavy handed ruling in order to bring about control.
    Make no mistake about this situation that is happening all over Europe, this is a planned premeditated set of events that’s designed to have a greater control over our every day lives….and..its working. VOTE OUT!!

  • Archiesin Hapland

    The French brought this state of affairs upon themselves. So what if the invaders are whining their rag-heads off? It’s not as if they’re Jehovah Witnesses, the Jihadist, welfare-sucking, mega-breeding, totalitarian, barbaric, murderous, decapitating, primitive, rapist, inbred, paedo, female genital mutilating, intolerant, terrorist, acid-chucking, stoning, ultra-sexist, alcohol-banning, destructive, bombing, etc etc etc HELL-BEASTS that they are.

  • RobertDeLuce

    The US and Israel are placing a strangle hold on France. First it was the refugees, the poor people thrown out of their countries and homes by war mongerers who want their land for an expansion of Israel. This was compounded by the CIA/Mossad murders on the streets of Paris, as was the case in Brussels. We are fighting the real foe here, the Nazi US, with that made easier if we are an island again, out of the EU. The NWO has begun, fight together now or fight later on your own, as everyone else will be in concentration camps. Attack all things US and Zionist, stop them getting a deeper foothold. Evidence of this will be Israel shipping Jews out of France, fodder for their own ME wars. The war of the people against Government has started.

  • RobertDeLuce

    You notice how these plants here having quickly debunked what is happening and changed the route of the conversation.

  • wilsonsandy2

    they have allowed too many muslims in this country and this will be a mess for the future. we don’t need this in America at all

  • David L. Allison

    Welcome to the United States under Donald Trump and other neoliberal candidates who are prepared to remove our constitutional rights of privacy and free speech in the name of security.

  • sandra_marie

    look out people…this is all getting in place for the new world order… and they are all in on it… God help us all

  • Howard Turner

    Picture is from january terrorist victim solidarity march. So in their wish to inform us, yournewswire are also feeding us bullshit.