UK Admit ‘Swaggering’ Putin Is Destroying New World Order

Vladimir Putin is defeating the New World Order, according to the UK's new International Development Minister, Rory Stewart.

Vladimir Putin is defeating the New World Order, and “swaggering around” while doing so, according to the UK’s new International Development Minister, Rory Stewart.

In a frank assessment of the disarray the New World Order now finds itself in, Stewart said, “in Iraq, in Syria, you are looking at a real collapse of the multilateral system at a time when the United States is increasingly doubtful about what it can do to solve it.”

Describing Putin’s Russia as “swaggering around,” he explained that Russia, “has been able to transform its global status in the past three years at a time when you would have thought it would be at its weakest”, requiring a complete rethink of how the UN operates, and an urgent strengthening of global-oriented institutions.

Things are happening that would have been unimaginable 15 years ago,” he said. “The world is getting out of control.”

Stewart, a former diplomat, is one of the British ruling party’s acknowledged thinkers on foreign policy, and his recent appointment as Minister of State at International Development gives him a new platform.

Speaking at a meeting organised by the thinktank Radix at the Conservative conference, he also admitted, in quotes reported by the Guardian, that Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, had been saved by Russian military intervention.

Assad was in very real problems two years ago. The likelihood is that he would have lost Aleppo, most of the south and probably Homs as well if Russia had not intervened. Russia has been decisive in that intervention.

The International Development minister also admitted that the U.S. habit of funding “radical opposition groups” in foreign countries it wishes to destabilize.

The model of successfully taking on a Russian-backed central government from the point of view of an opposition was only pulled off by the US once and that was in Afghanistan in 1981-89. But – there is a big but – because the success of the opposition to Russia led to the catastrophe of Afghanistan from 1991-2000, you end up funding, if you are not careful, opposition groups that are much more radical than you want them to be and actually when the government collapses it leads to a civil war and the situation becomes worse on the ground.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry
  • strav

    Good on putin for staring down the bully gangsters!

  • TStephen

    I gotta admit, the truth gets more and more strange.
    I’m all for the destruction of the NWO.
    I’m not sure if Putin is a decent man or not, but I DO know, unequivocally, that those pulling the strings in the U.S. are NOT decent.
    2016 will not end well.

  • Ronni Taylor

    Putin is a monster; no different than the U.S. – He belongs in prison with the rest. Presenting him as some kind of folk hero is evil on your part.

  • mothman777

    I think Putin is actually strengthening the NWO by strengthening those behind it, the Chabad Lubavitchers, who provenly remain Putin’s most cherished and intimate associates. It is a documented fact that Putin has attempted and continues to attempt to encourage all other governments in the entire world to adopt laws that forbid denial of the holocaust, thus preventing any criticism of the Jews whilst they tighten their stranglehold over the rest of the world before initiating their genocidal Torah Noahide Laws that will authorize the physical slaughter of any people who are ‘guilty’ of practicing what the Jews deem to be an ‘idolatrous’ religion, such as Christianity and Islam, with any persons who follow those religions, or Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism etc, also to be physically executed. That is the extremely sinister reality that is the NWO ‘democracy’ coming up for us all.

    Putin, like Trump who is himself a self-confessed Kabbalist with a rabbinical teacher (which Trump admits in his autobiographical book ‘Way To The Top”), is obviously no Christian but a crypto-Jew, The main site written by a former US senator, that I would have used to prove what I say about the 1991 US Noahide Laws, has been deleted from the internet by TPTB. The Noahide Laws are intended to become worldwide, before they are physically effected all over the world at once using NATO and other international treaty military personnel from subjugated nations under Jewish command in a lightning strike, has been deleted from the internet, along with other good sources on that subject which are now vanishing under Jewish control of the internet, but that former senator was trying to warn us all. The Chabad Lubavitchers intend for all Christians to be physically executed, so when Putin legislates on behalf of these murderous criminals, he is quite obviously, without the slightest doubt, not really a Christian, but a Jew posing as a Christian, just as Trump is, as Trump allows the genocidal anti-Christian Noahide Laws to remain on statute In the USA.

    State laws in Russia have been brought in by Putin that forbid denial of the fictitious holocaust of the alleged ‘6 million’ placing everyone under threat of lengthy terms of imprisonment should they express any doubt in that fairy tale, and Putin has also brought in laws that forbid lionization of National Socialism, such lionization being constituted by things like saying that the non-usurious financial system of National Socialist Germany was a good one.

    Putin has endeavoured, and still endeavours, to encourage all other countries of the world to adopt similar laws, with some success in some countries, so Putin is actually a Jewish fanatic, and you can take whatever he says as likely dishonest. Judaism openly states that it intends world government by Jews alone, and that all other religions are to be destroyed, even non-idolatrous ones, and I have seen two rabbinical speakers myself on national television at two different venues on two different dates in the UK stating that the Jews intend to destroy all other religions because the Jews state there is no truth in any other religion but Judaism. Few people realize what that actually means, because the Jews are not inviting anyone to convert to become Jews, nor can they do so under Torah Law, so everyone will simply be executed who follows many other religions, think about that, and think why it is then that treacherous political leaders all over the world express exaclty the same fanatical devotion to suppressing and making illegal any form of criticicism of Judaism, the Jews, and the things they do, calling any open criticism or condemnation of Judaism or the Jews criminally racist, and a hate crime, which is absolutely ridiculous and totally traitorous against our own people and a crime of total betrayal against all other peoples of the world, since the Jewish Talmud states clearly, “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed”.

    When Putin says he is against world hegemony by any nation, and against any unipolar political influence by any nation, he actually fights to build dominace of Jewish world influence and is in reality an agent of the Jewish megalomaniac criminal terrorist death cult, Judaism, and is thus an agent of the highly sinister NWO, not against the NWO, intending to bring in a one world government under Talmud and Torah Law, based in Jerusalem in Israel, just as Trump and the other European leaders are too, and if nuclear war ever occurs between America and Russia, it will only be by the full agreement and previous arrangement of the two agents working for the same SPECTRE-like agency, in order to kill off each other’s gentiles. There is no genuine need for any war between the UK or US. Gutle Schnaper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild famously stated, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”

    If the UK government controlled by Jews (80% Friends of Israel’ membership in both leading political parties) claims that Putin is undermining the NWO, the existence of which, many Jews and their shabbos goyim in the British establishment cherish so dearly, with Putin’s support of Judaism and Israel being so totally fanatical, as is such suopport from the UK and US for example, then we should be highly suspicious about the veracity of any such statement.