Woman In Leading Flint Water Crisis Lawsuit Shot Dead

Flint police

A woman who was involved in a lawsuit over the lead-contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan was found shot to death in her home along with another woman.

Police found the bodies of two women inside a townhouse on Tuesday, where they also found a one-year-old child unharmed. Both women were shot, and have been identified as Sasha Bell and Sacorya Reed.

The child was taken into protective services.

Sasha Bell was one of the first of a growing number of people to file a lawsuit in connection to the Flint water crisis after claiming that her child had been lead poisoned.

Police say they are treating the deaths as homicides and have a suspect in custody, but no charges have been filed.

RT reports:

Notably, the Flint Journal reports that Sasha Bell was one of the first individuals to file a lawsuit over the water crisis in Flint, which saw city water become contaminated with lead after officials chose to switch to the Flint River as its main drinking source. According to the outlet, Bell claimed that her child suffered from lead poisoning as a result of the switch. Police haven’t stated whether Bell’s child is the one they discovered in the aftermath of this week’s twin shooting.

“Sasha was a lovely young woman who cared deeply for her family, and especially for her young child,” her attorney Corey M. Stern told the Flint Journal. “Her tragic and senseless death has created a void in the lives of so many people that loved her. Hopefully, her child will be lifted up by the love and support from everyone who cared deeply for Sasha.”

Bell’s lawsuit targeted multiple companies that played a role in treating and monitoring the safety of the water in Flint during the crisis, as well as government workers who the suit claimed were guilty of misconduct. According to Stern, Bell’s case will move forward with a representative for her child.

Up to this point, Bell’s case has bounced around between state and federal courts. As part of 64 lawsuits filed by law firms on behalf of 144 Flint children, the cases were moved to US District Court after first being filed in Genesee Circuit Court. But on April 13, US District Judge John Corbett O’Meara ruled the federal courts had no jurisdiction over the cases and sent them back down to the state level.

He issued a similar ruling six days later regarding a $150 million class-action lawsuit. In that case, Flint residents were seeking damages over water bill payments, arguing that they paid their bills while the city and state delivered water contaminated with lead.

  • Freedom1111

    Her death isn’t a surprise. Always there are sudden deaths when people challenge the authorities. Murders, unexpected overdoses……..But God will have the last laugh once this world is over and those “authorities” have to explain themselves to the Highest Judge in the entire Universe. Glad I am not one of them.

    • Godricide

      You sound like an idiot. You been drinking Flint water? There’s no coming back from death. All these years, BILLIONS of verifiable accounts od death — not a single person come back. NOT ONE!!!

      All you have is this one shot.

      Quit being an asshole, don’t diminish the loss of a life, or the value of living with that stupid slaver-master-says bull.

      • p38l5

        Angry, aren’t we? Sad.

        • Godricide

          You aren’t? P.o.s.

          • p38l5

            Ah yes. The Insults Flow! Web Warrior with Keyboard Courage. Sad. Another Angry Atheist who has to rant and insult on the Web because they have no life, need to fell potent. Double sad! Have a nice day being so unhappy.

      • Missy Victoria

        Who said anything about COMING BACK FROM THE DEAD? If YOU cannot keep up w the dialogue.. then, you’ll have to go sit @ the kiddie-table where you belong.. until you’re able to sit and talk w the adults. Smh

        • Godricide

          If 1+1=2, then 2-1=1, dim bulb.

          If the World ends, how are these “authorities” supposed to explain themselves if they aren’t alive?

          If you people valued life as the singular, one time experience it has shown itself to be — since forever — murders would surely decrease.

          The planet is a demonstrably less safe place because of your existence.

          • Louise

            Two things to know about atheists:
            1. They know there is no God
            2. They hate him.
            Psalms 14:1 explains it.

          • Cara Ferguson

            Are you trying to say that atheists hate someone they don’t believe exists? That doesn’t make sense. If anything, atheists just don’t care.

          • ITSMEMELLA

            You are not really informed at all, so I suggest you do as Missy says…Go sit down…or find another story you are more qualified to comment on..like Minecraft or the effect onf Fetal Alcohol Syndrome on people named Godricide…


        Atheists always sound SO SCARED to me. SO scared to be wrong…which you should be. You never seem to get this upset over the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy….

    • Brian Keith Edgin

      I totally agree, God will cast judgement on those who have chosen Satan’s way. It just saddens my heart when I hear people like Godricide say such hateful things. Just because one does not believe, does not give them the right to hate on the ones who know the truth. That is why we have to pray for those who are lost and just hope they find their way before it is too late!
      Also, it does sound very fishy that these woman were shot to death after a lawsuit against the elite! It’s not just this case, but it is happening all over the world! Godbless and keep praying!

      • Bill Herrmann

        All the local Flint politicians are democrats. Just an observation.

        • Karsa

          This is all Snyder.

    • Mister Fantastic

      Get outta here with that conspiracy bullish! This is OBVIOUSLY a crime of passion as the two women were murdered. Critical thinking processes are not working to say such ignorance. Sound like a slave in the barn, talking about why you will be staying on the plantation. Focus on the REALITY of what’s going on and free yourself!


        Mister, if you are right then I congratulate your sleuthing mind….But if this was done by someone unrelated or unknown, then I say we definitely should consider that this lady asked too many questions and said too many things…It DOES happen…PLEASE don’t be naïve….

        • Mister Fantastic

          Madame, it you believe that a conspiracy would exist in this unfortunate situation,, then YOU are naive. DId you now that Flint is the THIRD most violent city in the COUNTRY??? There are no imaginary people committing these acts, only real ignorant people.

    • Blacktiger

      For less controversy you should have left your comment about G*d out of it. Only the Abraham religions believe in H*M

      • Missy Victoria

        You need to go to Home Depot and buy a roll of duct-tape and apply a strip of it across your pie-hole. Also, have your head examined. And for less controversy… PISS-OFF.

    • Bill Herrmann

      A knee jerk reaction when no facts have been presented. You can sit quietly and let people think you are a fool or open your mouth and prove it to them.

  • D_Nosepicker

    How obvious do the oligarchs have to be? Most JFK witnesses died shortly before they were to testify. Neighborhood protection watch is probably a good idea, Flint!!

  • deprivedfed

    Shot her and left the Prez for us what is wrong with this damn country!

  • jefsr

    Sad, This is what happens to WHISTLEBLOWERS…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wVcy82mt7A

  • SeRiOuSLy!!??

    these types of coincidental deaths sure do happen a lot around obama and the clintons. if i’m not mistaken, the clintons have their hands in flint.

  • Ronald Steven Goldston

    If the authorities are smart theyll check on Hillary’s alibi. She has a tendency to have her hands involved with murders that happen around water related stories. White Water, Leaded Water

    • Thomas Moore

      Bahahaha.. I still would check her alibi. you never know about that criminal

  • Erin BC

    *cough* Karen Silkwood *cough*

  • Missy Victoria

    More and more of this type of thing is occurring when someone stands up calling out wrong-doers in authority. I guess it should not come as any surprise being that this is satans world.. ran by satans people.

  • Jerry Howe

    Should have brought this suit in a federal district court to begin with, and bring it under Title 42 USC §1985 for conspiracy to deprive federally protected rights, and

    § 1986 for neglect to prevent harm. Bringing specific causes of action under this US code, they could invoke the federal courts jurisdiction to hear at trial. The attorney’s are likely sabotaging these people, as is often done.