Best South Carolina Sportsbooks

Check out our list below of the very best South Carolina sportsbooks that are currently available within the market. You can also find our list of the best South Carolina online casinos here.

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When you’re searching for the best South Carolina sportsbooks in the state, it’s important to understand what actually makes a sportsbook in South Carolina great. Within this guide, we’ve reviewed and ranked the best online sportsbooks for South Carolina residents, so you don’t have to. 

We’ll explain our ranking methodology and how we got to our top list of the best South Carolina online sportsbooks. We’re also going to go into some detail regarding online gambling laws, so that you know where you stand when you gamble online. Lastly, we’ll show you how to join an online sportsbook and start betting on sports today. 

Common Factors of the Best Online Sportsbooks

Common factors that make an online sportsbook are plenty. We’ve scrutinized all of our top recommended online sportsbooks on these factors to save you some time and included a number of excellent offshore sportsbooks within our list, too. Read further as we explain how we found the best real money online sportsbooks in South Carolina:

Range of Sports and Markets

One of the first things an experienced sports bettor will look at from an operator is the diversity of sports and markets they accept wagers on. We have ensured that we have selected sportsbooks allow you to place a variety of wagers on each of the following sports/events:

Security Protocols and Tools

The most important factor that makes an online sportsbook great is its security protocols and tools that ensure its customers are safe and protected. Many online sports bettors are concerned about sharing their personal and financial information over the internet. Our best South Carolina sportsbooks have the most advanced security tools and the latest safety protocols to ensure your safety when you bet on sports online. 

SSL Encryption Tools

Our sites have the most advanced safety tools to guarantee your safety and privacy. Sportsbooks apply 128-bit or 256-bit SSL encryption tools. SSL encryption tools encipher data through complicated algorithms before it’s sent over the internet. This technology is classed as unbreakable.

Logging You Out After a Certain Time of Inactivity

For added security, the sportsbook’s website will log you out of your account after a certain time of inactivity. This security measure is in place should you leave your device and forget to log out of your sportsbook account. This also prevents others from having unauthorized access to your sportsbooks account.

Two-Step Verification

This protocol is another added level of security. When you log in to your online sportsbook account, you’ll be sent an authentication code to your email address or mobile number. This code needs to be entered on the site together with your password before you can access your sportsbook account. If you get logged out by the system due to inactivity, you’ll be required to follow the two-step verification process again to get access.

KYC Protocols

You’ll probably be required to complete this process when you first request a withdrawal of your winnings. The sportsbook will need you to submit Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation. It’s very important to provide your real information when you register with the sportsbook, so that you won’t have any issues accessing your winnings. 

The sportsbook may also request KYC documents when you request a large amount of cash withdrawn at once. It may be a hassle to do so, but these protocols are there to protect you from fraudulent activity on your sportsbook account. 


All of our best South Carolina sportsbooks are regulated and licensed. We checked that sportsbooks had active licenses with reputable licensing bodies. A licensed sportsbook is under regulation and must adhere to regulatory requirements set out by the licensing authority. The sportsbook must undergo regular audits, provide fair odds, and honor wagers. These are just a few aspects a licensed online sportsbook must comply with to keep its license. 

When you place sports bets with a licensed bookmaker, you’re assured that there’s a licensing body that’s monitoring the sportsbook’s activity. Reputable licensing bodies include the United Kingdom Gambling Authority, Malta, Kahnawake and Curaçao, to name a few. 

Explicit Terms and Conditions

The best sportsbooks have transparent and honest Terms and Conditions. As a customer of an online sportsbook, you need to be sure of your rights and be especially certain of what the bookmaker expects from you. When you are a customer of one of our recommended South Carolina sportsbooks, you’ll clearly understand wagering requirements for bonuses and banking policies, among others.

Bonuses and Promotions

We examined all betting site bonuses and promotions offered by our ranked best South Carolina sportsbooks. You’ll be pleased to find a lot of bonuses and promotions with fair and achievable wagering requirements. Our top bookmakers offer some of the best bonuses that include the following:

Welcome Bonuses or Packages

For an online sportsbook to gain new customers, it must have enticing and lucrative welcome bonuses or packages. As a new sportsbook customer, you’ll be eligible for some fantastic bonuses when you make your first deposit. Your welcome bonus may include a percentage match up to a certain amount deposited. The welcome package may include percentage matches up to your first four or five deposited amounts.

For example, if your first deposit is $100, you may get a 100% match. You’ll have $200 in your sportsbook account to bet on any sports event. If you opt for a welcome package, you may receive the same for your first deposit, but you’ll also get percentage matches on your second, third, fourth, and sometimes, a fifth deposit. Please always check the wagering requirements before you commit to any welcome bonus.

Registration Cash Bonuses

This bonus is only applicable for first-time registrations. Here, you’ll receive a cash bonus with no wagering requirements. These bonuses aren’t percentage bonuses, but smaller cash amounts given as an incentive to first-time customers.

No Deposit Bonuses

Some of the best South Carolina sportsbooks have no deposit bonuses for customers that register with the site for the first time. Other times the no deposit bonus will be awarded to you if you take part in betting on special championships, tournaments, or sports events.

The sportsbook will give you a cash amount for free in both cases. New customers will be able to place real money bets without needing to deposit a single cent of their own money. There’s no risk of losing any money as a new customer if the wager goes sour.

If you win, then good news, the money is yours to keep. It’s a great incentive for inexperienced sports bettors as it gives you a chance to see how things work before you start playing with your own money. Wagering requirements on no deposit bonuses can be steep. 

The sportsbook will give away no deposit bonuses to existing customers during special sports events or championships. You’ll be able to use this free cash to bet on a certain event promoted by the bookmaker. You may be given a chance to place free bets on an international athletic event, a tennis tournament, or the NBA, for example. 

Bonuses for Crypto Deposits

If the sportsbook accepts crypto, it may offer you larger match percentages on crypto deposits. It may be worth looking into creating a crypto wallet and banking in cryptocurrencies. Crypto is becoming the preferred method of financial transacting, and sportsbooks are promoting it more.

Free Bets Bonuses

Free bet bonuses have no risk. The sportsbook will allow you to place a bet in advance on a specific sports event. The bookmaker will establish the free bets, the odds to be made, and the wagering requirements. For instance, you’ll place a free bet on an event with odds determined by the sportsbook.

You’ll also have to wager it by 5x or whatever the sportsbook has determined. You’ll receive your winnings in your sportsbook account if your bet wins. If your bet loses, your account will have zero losses.

Match Play Bonuses

These are bonuses awarded in coupons as a once-off. Once you meet a wagering requirement, the sportsbook will reward you with a coupon to use however you like. 

Money Back Bonuses

They’re also known as win-win bonuses and don’t have any wagering requirements. The bookmaker determines the amount you’ll be allowed to wager on a sports event. If your bet wins, you’ll receive the net gain of your winnings. The bookmaker will return your bet in full should your bet lose. Returned wagers usually have T&Cs. 

Reload Bonuses

Most of our recommended best South Carolina sportsbooks have reload bonuses. Reload bonuses are activated after making your first deposit or when the welcome package bonuses have ended. You’ll receive smaller percentage matches on all your deposits.

Points Exchange Bonuses

You’ll be awarded bonus points when you place bets. You’ll then be able to exchange your points for prizes, cash rewards, or free bets, to name a few.

Special Promotions Bonuses

These bonuses apply to events that the bookmaker promotes or other special events. You’ll be given a chance to participate in competitions that may include different types of bets or it may involve betting on tournaments, play-offs, or championships.

Loyalty Bonuses

Each of our best South Carolina sportsbooks has loyalty rewards programs. As a loyal customer, you can collect points every time you place a bet with the sportsbook. Accrued points can be exchanged for cash rewards, coupons, or even free bets. You may become eligible for more special perks based on the number of points you’ve collected.

Cashback Bonuses

Some clever online sportsbooks have loss bonuses to keep their customers interested in betting online after they may have become disheartened by losing bets. Percentage cashback bonuses are given to customers so that they’re not lost.

High Roller Bonuses

The sportsbook will flag you as a high roller if you’ve got deep pockets and can make large deposits and massive bets. You may receive additional perks from the bookmaker, special odds, better percentage deposit matches, and cash rewards.

Choice of Betting Options

Our ranked best South Carolina sportsbooks have a range of betting options. You’ll have a cookie jar full of betting options that’ll suit your every preference and sports event:

Future Bets

These bets can be placed on teams or players that’ll win a specific tournament or championship.

Prop Bets

The prop bet involves placing a bet on a particular player in a specific sports event. For example, you can place a bet on how many goals a basketball player will score in a basketball game. Options could also include over and under goals scored. These bets are offered in all major sports events, and they’re based on the occurrences or non-occurrence that occur during the event. 

Fixed Odds Bets

This form of betting is the most common and easiest to understand and follow. The bookmaker will set the odds on a sports event or game. You’ll accept those odds and place money on it. For example, the odds will be 10/1 for a team or opponent to win the event. If you place $50 with 10/1 odds, you’ll receive $500 in winnings should that team or opponent win. 

These types of bets extend to all sports events, including eSports. Pro sports bettors take these bets further by including them in prop bets, totals bets, handicap bets, and Moneyline bets, to name a few. 

Handicap Bets

This bet gives one team or opponent a goal or point disadvantage. For example, an opposing team has -1 or -2 playing against another team. The opposing team must score one or two more goals or points for you to win the handicap bet.

Live Bets

This type of bet is also known as in-play betting. During live streaming gameplay, you’ll be able to place bets when the game starts and as the game unfolds. Odds and betting markets change fast, and you need to respond to them. This is a very thrilling type of betting, and it has proven to be extremely popular among avid sports betting enthusiasts. You could place bets that include which player will be fouled next or who would score a goal next, to name a few.

Betting Three-ways

You’ll place a wager on a sports event that has three possible outcomes in this bet. For example, Team A wins, Team B draws, and Team Closes. The odds on these bets are lucrative as it is quite difficult to get these correct. 

Point Spreads Bets

The bookmaker’s oddsmakers, (also known as traders), will set the betting number and winning margin. There will always be a handicap between the teams or opponents. Oddsmakers know that not all teams are equal in skill, and they’ll use the points spread to equal the odds. 

You place a bet on a team to win a game. If you bet on the favorite team to win the event, they’ll need to win by the spread set out by the oddsmakers. If the points spread is -3.5 points, your team must win by four or more points. If you bet on the lesser skilled team, they’ll need to lose by fewer than four points.

Pari-Mutuel Bets

In horse racing and greyhounds, these bets are prevalent. All bets are placed in a pool. You have the option of backing any horse or greyhound to win the race. If your bet is correct, everyone that placed the same bet will get a piece of the pool pie. More valid tickets mean a lesser payout for you. That’s why most bettors like to bet on the underdog, because should the underdog win, you’d have a larger reward.

Totals Bets

Totals or over/under bets are when you can guess the total points scored by both teams in a game. The bookmaker usually sets out a predetermined total. If you’re able to guess over or under the total correctly, your bet wins.

Moneyline Bets

These are US Moneyline odds, and it’s another method of applying odds to win bets. Odds will be defined as (a +) or (a -) followed by a number. For example, (+80) signifies the amount you can win. If you bet $100 and your bet is successful, you’ll receive $180 ($80 plus your initial bet of $100).

Parlay Bets

If you can get this type of bet correct, you can receive some nice rewards. In a parlay bet, you’ll be placing a bet on the outcome of two or more events. The more events you connect in the parlay bet, the higher the rewards. It’s not easy to get these right. All predictions in the parlay bet need to be correct for the bet to payout.

Banking Options

Our best South Carolina sportsbooks have a range of safe and secure banking options. As per the sportsbooks banking policies, all deposits and withdrawals will be completed without incident and within the specified time. Please note that each operator has a specific minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits. The most widely accepted payment systems are:

Credit and Debit Cards

Online bookmakers accept these methods for depositing funds into your online sportsbook account. Most don’t accept these methods for withdrawals. This is because US banks aren’t allowed to process deposits from online gambling sites into US residents’ bank accounts due to legal restrictions. Please note that although you may not be charged fees by the sportsbook to process these transactions, your operator may charge you fees. 


This payment system bypasses the US banking system completely. It is a very common method for deposits and withdrawals. E-Wallets include, but aren’t limited to, Skrill, EcoPayz, Neteller, PayPal, and Paysafecard.

Crypto Transactions

Bitcoin betting sites are the most widely accepted form of funding online sportsbooks accounts. Other popular crypto includes, but aren’t limited to, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Tether. Crypto transacting is becoming a more preferred payment method due to transactions being autonomous, more secure, anonymous, cheap, fast, and convenient. There are a number of excellent crypto betting sites that can be accessed online.

Efficient Customer Support

We have ensured that you’ll have the best customer support when you join any of our recommended best South Carolina sportsbooks. Each sportsbook has a thorough FAQ section and customer support teams at your disposal 24/7/365. You’ll be able to speak to a knowledgeable, professional, and efficient customer support representative via email, live chat, or phone. 

User-Friendly Website Interface

You’ll have no problem navigating any of our top online sportsbooks’ websites. Betting markets, betting odds, banking, bonuses, tournaments, and sports events are clearly marked and easily accessible. Websites are sleek in design and respond quickly to clicks and odds that get updated regularly. 

Mobile Device Integration

All our sportsbooks have downloadable mobile sports betting applications or websites that have HTML5 adaptability so that you can bet on sports while on the move. All mobile apps have high-quality user interfaces. You’ll be able to access betting markets, betting odds, banking, and redeem bonuses on your mobile device. Downloadable applications can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Online Casino

If you enjoy a change from sports betting once in a while, you may appreciate that some of our best online sportsbooks have secondary betting options. Online casinos are also available, where you’ll be able to play live poker games, table games, live dealer games, slots, and specialty games. You won’t need to create another account on another gambling site. Your online sportsbook will be your one-stop shop for all your gambling activities.

Getting Started: Online Sports Betting

To get started, you will need to follow our easy step-by-step guide. All of our ranked sites have easily navigable registration procedures. Follow these steps, and you’ll be set to start betting on sports today!

  1. Choose Your Preferred South Carolina Sportsbook

Choose a sportsbook from our ranked best South Carolina sportsbooks that suit your sports betting needs. If you want to bet on sports using your mobile, you can download the sportsbook’s mobile betting app from Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store.

  1. Create Your Sports Betting Account

You’ll see a ‘Register’ or ‘Join’ button when you open the mobile app or on the site’s homepage. Click on it and follow the prompts to enter your personal information. Create a username and password. Try to keep your password as unique as possible. We suggest you use numbers, letters, and special characters.

  1. Make Your First Deposit 

We strongly recommend that you try and use the same banking method for deposits and withdrawals. Continue to make your first deposit. Please make sure that you make the minimum deposit to be eligible for the welcome bonus.

  1. Claim Your No Deposit Bonus and Welcome Bonus

If the sportsbook has a no deposit bonus, you should claim that first. If you have a welcome bonus code, you can enter this in the field provided. If not, that’s also fine. You’ll be able to claim your welcome bonus.

  1. Place Your First Sports Bet!

Make an effort to familiarize yourself with the user interface. Take care to read everything relevant, like the T&Cs, special offers, betting markets, odds, and other promotions. Use the FAQ section to answer any additional questions you may have. Contact customer support if your question is still unanswered. We recommend that you place bets first on sports you’re familiar with.

Gambling Laws in South Carolina

After the United States Supreme Court declared the Professional and Amateur Sports Act of 1992 unconstitutional in May 2018, states in the US were given the jurisdiction to regulate both online gambling and sports betting laws within their borders. 

In South Carolina, the laws regarding online sports betting and gambling remain a little unclear. South Carolina is one of those states where the criminal code has no clear distinction regarding gambling online. Currently, South Carolina gambling law specifically recognizes three legal forms of gambling: raffles, bingo, and the state lottery. If you base your facts on that, you could deduct that online gambling is illegal. However, the law doesn’t clearly identify online gambling or sports betting as illegal. 

There’s no specific reference to individuals taking part in online gambling or sports betting. As a result, you don’t stand the risk of prosecution should you be found gambling or betting on sports online. If you’re still unsure about your rights, we highly recommend that you contact a professional who has experience in the gambling industry and South Carolina laws. 


We trust that you now have a better idea of what makes a South Carolina online sportsbook the best. Our top-ranked sportsbooks in South Carolina have been scrutinized to comply with all these factors mentioned to ensure that you’ll have a great online sports betting experience. Good luck in your ventures!


This section we’ve listed some questions we frequently hear from sports bettors concerning online sports betting in South Carolina:

Is Gambling Legal in South Carolina?

No, it’s not. There’s, however, no law that prohibits South Carolina residents from taking part in online sports betting. You can join any of our top sportsbooks and place bets.

Can I Bet on Sports on My Mobile in South Carolina?

Yes, you can. Our best South Carolina sportsbooks have the best mobile applications that you can download to your iPhone or Android device. If the site doesn’t have an app, the site will adapt to your device’s browser.

Where Can I Find the Best South Carolina Sportsbook Bonuses?

You’ll get the best bonuses and promotions when you join any of our recommended South Carolina online sportsbooks. We’ve reviewed all bonuses and promotions on our sites, and we’ve established that they’re fair and achievable.

What Should I Be Careful of When Gambling Online?

You should always read the T&Cs carefully and make sure you understand them. Never ignore the wagering requirements of bonuses. Never register with an unlicensed online sportsbook, and keep your password and username safe.

Is There a Penalty for Underage Gambling in South Carolina?

Yes, there is. The legal gambling age in South Carolina is 21. Don’t try to register with an online sportsbook if you’re under the legal gambling age. Online sportsbooks have various ways to identify whether your credentials are honest and correct.

Which South Carolina Sportsbook Has the Best Welcome Bonus?

Our best South Carolina sportsbooks have the best welcome bonuses and packages around. 

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements are the playthrough requirements set out by the sportsbook. For example, if you receive a 100% bonus on $50 with a wagering requirement of 40x, you’ll have to wager your $50 bonus amount 40 times before you can claim your winnings.

Can I Join More Than One South Carolina Sportsbook?

Yes, you can. You can join as many online sportsbooks as you like. If you’re an avid sports bettor, you may like to see what odds other sportsbooks offer on the same sports event.