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Check out the best VIP Programmes that can be accessed at online casinos.

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The best gambling sites in the United States have excellent VIP programs, offering incredible incentives and unique promotions and bonuses. We have put together a list of the best VIP casinos.

Online casinos need to offer these incentives in order to keep people actively playing on their sites. VIP programs are an attractive way to entice players to sign up and remain loyal to the online casino.

The ability to earn rewards via cash backs, exciting bonuses and reward points is exactly what you need from an excellent online casino. You want to feel welcomed and wanted for spending both your time and money there.

With so many online casinos to choose from and numerous VIP programs, it can be a daunting task to research for yourself. We’ve put together all the information you need on what VIP programs are and how to choose what suits you to make your research easier.

What Are Online Casino VIP Programs?

It is important to note that not all online casinos have VIP programs but the ones that do offer both incredible bonuses and rewards. VIP stands for Very Important Person, and that is what you become once you reach that status in the program.

Online casino VIP programs give players rewards for playing on their sites. Rewards differ based on the casino offering the program. There might be cash rewards or even tournament tickets for loyal players. Rewards can range based on reaching a specific level, to providing players with points every time real money is used when playing online games

Online casinos benefit from offering VIP rewards programs because it keeps loyal players from preventing them from moving to other competitors.

Types of VIP Programs

Depending on the online casino, various types of programs are offered. Mostly there are three types.


This type of program doesn’t allow you to level up but rather gain extra bonuses within your level. It works by rewarding you as you bet and play to encourage you to increase the frequency of both.


Unofficial VIP programs are for the high roller player, so if you wager large amounts and play  frequently, this is for you. The account manager assists with getting you to reach this level because there are specific goals you need to meet. Once you’re there, the rewards are highly exclusive, making you feel well and truly like a VIP.


Levels can go up to five, being Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and then finally Diamond, as the highest tier and provide you with VIP status. The types of rewards get greater per level increase, with bonuses being calculated automatically.

Why Should You Join a VIP Program?

VIP programs provide you with rewards such as casino bonuses for playing your favorite online games. If you play slots for a few hours, you might potentially win big. By doing the same thing at an online casino with a VIP program, you can earn points that give you rewards. If you are a regular player who spends a significant amount of time playing online, it is worth being part of these programs.

Loyalty Rewards

There are various types of loyalty rewards that you will gain by signing up and moving up the ranks.

Dedicated Account Managers

You will start receiving better customer care when you join a VIP program, but you will experience more personalized customer care as you increase in tiers. This means your own personal account manager will give you service 24/7.

Limit Increases

Being a loyal player, you have the opportunity to go over the set limits to bet higher and gain higher wins.

Customized Gifts

When you become a VIP, the online casino celebrates your birthday and anniversaries by sending you gifts.

Welcome Bonuses

Every time you move to a higher tier, you are rewarded with a welcome bonus based on that tier.

Free Bets

Free bets are where you are offered to play certain online games for free for a specified number of times but win real money.


Online casinos have their own line of merchandise that is freely given as part of the rewards you can get range from branded clothing like hoodies and t-shirts to branded items like paperweights or coffee mugs.

VIP Bonus Offers

As part of the VIP program, you will receive exclusive bonus offers periodically, bigger in value than the standard welcome bonuses offered.

Quicker Payouts

Withdrawals are not just easy but faster than those experienced by the average casino player.

Returned Losses

Depending on your VIP tier, you could get a percentage of losses  back as either cash or bonus cash. This is not available in all VIP programs, though, but it is handy for those times when you have an unfortunate losing streak.

Weekly and Monthly Rewards

These bonuses are not always guaranteed because winners are chosen at random, but it is always significant and a welcome surprise when you get selected.


The points you make are for use with the casino’s VIP partners. These points can be stored to be used later so you can build up points towards something you have your eye on. Points

can be 1:1, so a point for every $1 spent, but some casinos offer 1:10 ( a point for every $10 spent), so it’s best to read up on how the point system works and if it is achievable.


Many VIP programs offer this reward through the terms and conditions vary. Primarily cashback is based on a percentage of your winnings as a VIP player.

Real Cash

Real cash is given to you based on how many times you play. Certain online casinos will also offer the incentive of trading in bonus points for money.

Bonus Cash

This type of cash needs to be used for bets a certain amount of times before converting it to real money. 

Luxury Items

Besides points being stored to be used with third-party partners of the casino, some promotions provide VIP members with free third-party items or a significant discount. These can include designer prizes such as hotel stays, jewelry, gadgets and even designer apparel. These promotions are often themed around certain events throughout the year.

Casino Events

Often this includes meeting with other VIP members face-to-face in locations including sporting events, a weekend getaway at luxury hotels or even exclusive concerts or fashion shows.

How to Choose a VIP Program

We have used the below criteria when choosing the right top casino VIP program for you.


When looking up the various VIP programs available, it is vital that you look at the reviews. These will give you an idea of what to expect by joining. Be sure that the online casino does not sponsor the reviews.


Look at the types of rewards offered and if these appeal to you based on how you play online. If your gameplay matches the rewards offered, you will get the most out of playing online.

Established Casino

Please bear in mind that new online casinos or less established ones will have desirable offers in their VIP programs. This could potentially be risky, so it is advised that you start with joining with established providers to avoid any potential scams.


The signup process needs to be secure and safe, with protocols to keep player information from being shared. A reputable gambling authority must also license the online casino. 

Customer Service

Look into how good the customer service is by testing out the support offered like chat, email and phone support. You must be sure of getting on-time and helpful customer service should you need it.

Terms and Conditions

Read the terms and conditions for each VIP program thoroughly to ensure no hidden conditions or anything that shows the program is too good to be true. 

Activating VIP Program Membership

It’s important to note that a VIP program is a loyalty strategy by online casinos to entice and retain customers. If you often play at an online casino, you might get an invitation to join its VIP program. You can also apply to join.

By joining such a program, you don’t automatically gain VIP status. You would need to accumulate points from playing until an account manager invites you to be part of the VIP program. You will be onboarded and start building points within that section to level up.

Every online casino offering this program will have added information on their site explaining how to build up points to get your food into the VIP door.

It works like this:

  1. Join a VIP program with an online casino.
  2. Start at the first tier, so right at the bottom.
  3. As you play online casino games, you start earning points that increase your tier level, bringing with it more rewards. The longer you stay with a particular VIP program, the better the rewards.
  4. Once you have earned enough points, then you reach VIP status.

How to Progress to VIP Status

The casino you choose needs to know how serious you are about becoming a VIP, so there are specific actions you must take to gain the attention of the account managers.

High Wagers

High-rollers get more significant rewards, so we suggest starting small and work your way up into betting more in real money as you play. You will earn points every time you wager a bet, but the more you put in gives you more points. Once you reach the required points, you will qualify for VIP status.

Deposit Often

The frequent and the amount of money you are depositing will award you points towards VIP status. It’s important to note that this system time-limits your activity. This means that your frequency and amount deposited must stay the same to move up at that level.

Play Frequently

Online casinos need people to use their site often, so you will be rewarded by simply playing frequently.

Payment Types


Paypal is being used more often because it is safe, secure and easy to use. You might not find Paypal as an option everywhere, or there may be similar payment methods.

Credit Cards

It is scarce not to see this option offered at an online casino. If you don’t see this option, this should be a red flag for staying away from that casino. Once you become a VIP, there are added benefits linked to your credit card company.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are still commonly used because they are secure and reliable, especially when dealing with large sums of money moving in and out of your bank account. Be wary of transaction fees when using this option, so make sure you know these costs with your bank before using this payment type.


There are a number of online casino sites that are now accepting various cryptocurrency payment methods too. One of these is Bitcoin, which is widely accepted across offshore casino sites.

Using the VIP Program to Your Advantage

It is essential to have a strategy in place to get the most out of the program.

Stick To Games That Bring in the Rewards

As you build your strategy for becoming a VIP, you will notice that certain games bring in more points and rewards. So even if these games are not your favorites, it is beneficial to play them to build up much-needed points.

Don’t Waste Points

If you are storing points to use on more significant rewards, keep track of those so you never end up using your points. This also applies to leaving one program to join another. Make sure you use up all your points before doing so.

Stick to One Program

Moving up in tiers by building points can take some time and strategy so being part of one program is less time-consuming.

Know the Terms and Conditions

By reading through the terms and conditions, you will be sure not to miss out on anything. It’s essential to know how to use the program to get the maximum rewards.

Limitations or Timelines

It’s important to know whether your points or prizes expire after a certain period. There could also be timelines related to accumulating points towards a particular tier or obtaining a specific bonus. You might find that tier status changes occur if criteria are not met, like a specified amount of gameplay per week. It might also be the case that only certain games provide you with points.

The Difference Between Online VIP Programs and Physical Casino VIP Programs

Game Variation Earns Bonus Points

Physical casinos sometimes offer bonuses for playing different games, such as slots, but it is rare and often the rewards are small.

Online casinos want most of the games offered to be played as much as possible, so find that you will get higher points and earn exclusive rewards by changing the games you play.

Better Tracking

You would need to hand your card to a pit boss at a physical casino and hope that they keep track of your bets and winnings. Often the number isn’t accurate because pit bosses have to do this for several people at once.

Online casinos have automatic tracking systems, so you never have to lose out due to human error.

Rewards at All Levels

Physical casinos have higher overhead costs such as paying staff and building costs, so high rollers need to be at a high spending threshold before they benefit from luxury rewards. Online casinos can afford to start rewarding you as soon as you sign up for the program and frequently as you begin to level up towards VIP status.


Being part of an online VIP program is beneficial, especially if you play frequently and often deposit and play with high amounts. We suggest you do your research thoroughly before choosing which online casino has the best program for you. Then, we wish you the best of luck and we hope you can start enjoying the benefits.