Poker Apps

Check out our selection of the best poker apps that the industry has to offer below. Each of our picks give you the best mobile experience when playing online.

Poker is one of the most exciting card-based games to play, whether at a land-based or online casino site. Even though it has a lot of complex rules and playing styles, the game is very popular in the gambling world. Therefore, there are hundreds of poker sites to join. However, with your daily hassle and commuting, playing on your computer might not be sustainable. As a result, you might want to switch to a more accessible playing experience. We know that in 2022, nothing says more accessible than mobile gaming. Although there are many mobile poker sites you can visit, the experience is just far better when you play on the app.

In this case, you do not need to open your web browser; you can load the app in seconds by simply clicking on the app. The top US poker apps are optimized with exciting lobbies, easy-tap raise, check, fold buttons, and multi-tabling chances. Also, you will find most poker variants, including 7-Card Stud, Razz, Hi-Lo, etc., on the app. So, when you are ready to choose a poker app for real money, you need to be sure that you can spot the best in the market. Not to worry, we have all this covered for you and more. Let’s guide you on your poker app search..

How We Evaluate Poker Apps

With the sheer number of poker apps online, we recognize that it isn’t easy to spot the best from the rest. However, our experts have a series of proven methods to ensure that we evaluate each poker app properly before adding them to our recommended list. In that case, we check for licensing and regulation, bonuses, available games, and customer support before recommending any real money poker platforms to users.

Licensing and Regulation

One of the most crucial areas we look at is the licensing of the poker app. We find out where it is approved and also who regulates the license. Offshore poker apps are very much considered, since leading reputable bodies are global. Some regulatory jurisdictions we look at include Malta, Panama, Gibraltar, and Curacao. 

Server Reliability

Some apps and websites might have weak servers, which can cause connectivity issues, resulting in you having a terrible experience with games that drag. With this in mind, we ensure that the poker apps we list have robust servers so that when you play, you will not experience downtime or disconnection.

Good Traffic

We ensure that we provide you with poker apps that have good player traffic so that you can enjoy bigger pools and a chance to win even better prizes. You can count on us to provide you with poker apps that offer incredible pool prizes to players.


Security and player safety is very crucial and something we don’t take lightly. As a result, we only choose poker apps that work with high-end security and encryption technology. We want you to be relaxed and have peace of mind with your details when you are playing in a certain poker app.  Additionally, we check to see if the apps run well on any mobile device.

Ways to Find the Best Poker Apps for iOS and Android


Another critical factor we consider is the bonuses available on the poker apps. We check to see what welcome bonuses are available to new players and if they need to deposit before they can claim the offer. Aside from that, we also look at the offers available on the promotions list for existing players. Some of the special promotions we look at include daily, weekly, monthly bonuses, cashback offers and seasonal promotions. 

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses

Promotions that active players enjoy include recurrent bonuses that might be daily, weekly, or monthly. These bonuses can either be a no deposit or deposit bonus, where you may or may not need to deposit before you can claim the offer. All you need to do is read through the terms and conditions to know how to claim them.

Cashback Offers

You can receive money-back bonuses on your bets. For instance, if you lose part of your money at the poker table, you might be able to claim part of it back through the cashback bonus. Like any other bonus, you will need to be familiar with the terms.

Seasonal Promotions

You will find seasonal promotions offered on special occasions and holiday periods on some poker apps. These offers can come in different forms. They can be cash prizes, deposit offers, tournaments, free play offers, and many more. You can always confirm on the promotions page or ask a customer support agent.

Available Games

Before choosing a poker app, you need to know the variation of poker games to expect. That way, you will know if the one you are familiar with is available. However, you can learn how to play other variants to broaden your poker knowledge and play. Some of the popular options among players include;

Texas Hold ’Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular poker variant in the US. In this variant, players get two cards – pocket and hole cards. After that, they wait for the five community cards to be shown. Betting usually comes in four rounds, starting when the hole cards are dealt, then after the first three community cards are shown, also known as the Flop. Another round happens when the fourth community is established, referred to as the Turn. Finally, the last game round occurs when the fifth community is revealed, which is the River. The player with the best hands with any five cards combination wins.


This poker variant is similar to the Texas Hold ‘Em, offering four betting rounds. However, players get four hole cards and the five community cards are flipped immediately. Players need to make their best five-card hands from three of the common and two of their hole cards to win.

5-Card Draw

The 5-Card draw is simple. Players at the table receive five cards, but on the first merry-go-round, players can trade in up to three of them.

7-Card Stud

In the 7-Card Stud, players will receive seven cards with three facing down and four facing up. From the seven cards, players must make a five-card hand with the best hand winning the lot.

Customer Support

You should always check that the poker platform has an efficient customer support system so that you can get issues resolved with ease. To check, you can go to the support page to see the different modes to access the team. Some of the proper channels you should look for include live chat, email, phone, and complaint form submission. If all the channels are available, you should go all-in with the poker app.  The goal is to be able to reach out to the support team without any hassle and to ensure that your issues are resolved as soon as possible.

Ease of Payment

Depositing into your account with ease is crucial. Also, withdrawing your winnings should be easy and quick. You need to know what type of payment options are available on the poker site before you consider it. You should be on the lookout for the following payment methods.


E-wallets are both easy to use and instant. In addition, they are secure and safe to use. You can use them for deposits and withdrawals. Some of them are Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal.


Another payment option that is fast, secure, and easy to use is crypto. Whether it is Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you can quickly deposit and withdraw money on your preferred poker app. However, you need to create a crypto wallet account before using the option.

Debit/Credit Cards

You can also make payments directly from your bank account using debit or credit cards. So, you can fund your bet account easily, whether it is American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, or any other debit/credit card provider.

Bank Transfer

If you want to transfer funds directly from and into your bank account, you can choose the bank transfer option. However, you might need to pay a fee for each transaction, which is not as instant as the other top payment options. However, it is easy to use and you do not need to involve third parties.

Usability and Compatibility 

How does the app look and feel? Does it retain the same level of efficiency and ease of use across devices? You need answers to these questions and other usability and compatibility-related questions before considering a poker app or site. To do this, you need to look around the app to see if you can easily find the various sections you want. Alternatively, you need to consult the support team. Also, check to see if there are filters to help you navigate the app easily or a search feature to find games, sections, and tabs that you have in mind. 

You can also read other players’ reviews to see how it fares on different devices so that when you decide to switch to another operating system, the experience will be the same. In addition, before you download the app, you can look at the tutorial videos available on the download page.

Fun Extra and Special Features

Many poker apps offer special promotions and rewards to active players. You can gain points and level up as you play, redeeming for real money or cashed-in for other prizes. Aside from that, players can enjoy freeroll tickets to enter VIP rooms, where they can enjoy VIP privileges. Also, there are birthday bonuses exclusively offered to top players on their birthday, including a chance to win a trip, car, or any other exciting prizes. The extras are unlimited, and they vary from one poker platform to another. We highly recommend that you should take the time to look through the VIP promotions page, or you can simply ask the support team what type of extras active players might expect.

Final Thoughts

From what our experts have told you,  to thoroughly enjoy your poker gaming experience to the max, you need to choose a poker site with a top-notch app. If you do not want to go through so much work to find an app, you can go through our recommended list to choose one. Once you have done that, simply register, deposit money, and try your luck to cash out big! We hope you enjoy gambling responsibly through your mobile with your newfound knowledge!


Is it possible to win real money without risking anything?

Interestingly, poker platforms run free tournaments that members can join without paying anything. Although the prize pools are often small, it is still a great way to win real money without risking your own bankroll.

How can I start playing on a poker app?

To start playing couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is download the app onto your Android or iOS device, whether a smartphone or tablet. To do this, go to your App or Google Play store, search for the name and complete the download. After that, create an account and deposit money to start playing.

How can I deposit on a poker app?

You need to go to the deposit page, select your preferred payment option, and confirm the deposit. Your account should be credited instantly if there are no issues with the banking option you picked.

What’s no download poker?

No download simply means you do not have to download an app or install the software before playing the poker games on the platform. You can simply do so through your device’s web browser.

Can I play on poker apps without depositing real money?

Certain poker apps might give you no deposit bonuses that you can use to play games without making any deposit. You can even cash out your winnings once you meet the requirements.