American Medical Association Say Marijuana Is 100% Medicine


A series of reports released by the Journal of the American Medical Association this week reveals that Marijuana is officially recognised as a form of medicine. 

Researchers in the study conclude that cannabis has a series of health benefits, including:

  • Reducing nausea
  • Reducing vomiting
  • Relieving chronic pain
  • Fixing spasticity due to multiple sclerosis reports:


Researchers bemoaned the lack of high-quality trials of marijuana. That situation that can be laid at the feet of cannabis prohibition. The federal government maintains cannabis is a highly dangerous drug with no medical use. Researchers must cut through more red tape to research a pot plant than any other substance on the planet, doctors say.

However, this week, the federal government slightly reduced the regulatory hurdles to study cannabis — down from eight layers of review, to seven.

More than 750,000 Americans will be arrested for cannabis this year. The Obama administration has spent an estimated $300 million interfering with state medical marijuana programs and patients, including arresting and prosecuting patients and caregivers. Thirty-five states have medical cannabis laws, and some members of Congress are working to de-fund federal attacks on medical marijuana.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    What we have is a toxic government.

    • Jason Shepherd

      Yes we do have a toxic Government. Also what is toxic is how they can manipulate people to embrace a symbol of hate to further divide us as a society. They have successfully brought back rampant stupidity. Regardless of how You personally feel about that flag you have on your profile its a weapon the pigs have used to divide us, To divide us by race to make us weaker for the run over. We NEED to stick together. Blacks, Whites, Immigrants, illegal or not. We all need to be Awake and Present, armed and ready, Your “heritage” isnt gonna mean SHIT when they finally try us. Use your freedom to spread Unity. Rid yourself of the blinders.